Specially trained Park Police officers conduct sharpshooting activities at select parks to reduce deer populations and alleviate issues caused by high deer densities. These sharpshooting activities take place February 1 - March 31. The sharpshooting program is designed with public safety as the top priority. Sharpshooting activities will take place sunset to sunrise when parks are closed to the public.

Program Rules

The sharpshooting program is directed and supervised by the Department's Park Ranger Unit and Park Police Division. Officers participating in this program have received extensive specialized weapons training.

  • Weapons are discharged only when a safe foreground and background to the target exists. 
  • Deer are removed safely, discreetly, and humanely. 
  • All deer harvested through this program are donated to local food banks to feed families in need.

Sharpshooting Locations

Sharpshooting activities will take place at:

  • Randall Farm Maintenance Facility, Upper Marlboro, MD
  • Walker Mill Regional Park (farm/undeveloped side), District Heights, MD
  • Enterprise Golf Course, Mitchellville, MD 
  • Henson Creek Stream Valley Park, Fort Washington, MD
  • Watkins Regional Park, Upper Marlboro, MD
  • Brandywine-North Keys Community Park, Brandywine, MD (NEW for 2021)
  • Compton-Bassett Farm, Upper Marlboro, MD (NEW for 2021)
  • Dyson Farm Complex, Brandywine, MD (NEW for 2021)
  • Governor's Bridge Natural Area/Greenbranch Property, Bowie, MD (NEW for 2021)
  • Marlton Community Park, Upper Marlboro, MD (NEW for 2021)
  • Old Marbury Farm Site (Cosca Regional Park), Clinton, MD (NEW for 2021)
  • Oxon Hill Manor, Oxon Hill, MD (NEW for 2021)
Parks where sharpshooting operations are implemented are closed to the public between the hours of 5pm to 5am. Some parks will have areas still open to the public. Park Police will be on-site at these locations.

Additional Information

For questions or more information, please contact Deer Management. Public comment about the program, and existing and new sites can be sent via email.