Field Irrigation Projects

Project Background/Description

M-NCPPC, Department of Parks and Recreation seeks to add sports field irrigation to five (5) existing field sites. Each site has differing existing conditions. The Park Planning and Development Division is working with one design consultant to design and permit these projects.

The five park sites are as follows:

  • Beltsville Community Center
  • Fairwood Park
  • Glenarden Community Center
  • Landover Hills Community Center
  • Sasscer Park

Status/Project Updates

Last Updated March 2022

To reduce the number of fields out of service at one time, the projects will occur in phases. Time will be allowed for one growing season for the grass to be reestablished before it is reopened for use. The order the fields will be completed is as follows:

  • Sasscer Park – Completed, April 2021.
  • Beltsville Community Center – Construction bid preparation phase, projected completion July 2022.
  • Glenarden Community Center – Design and permitting phase, projected completion December 2022.
  • Landover Hills Park – Design and permitting phase, projected completion March 2023.
  • Fairwood Park – Design and permitting phase, projected completion September 2023.

Actual dates for the completion of the milestones are subject to change.

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