New Carrollton Downtown Access and Connectivity Strategy

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On Friday, August 27, 2021, members of the project team conducted a site visit of the study area . The site visit consisted of several stops in various neighborhoods/sub-areas within the study area to assess existing conditions, ongoing projects, and identify potential opportunities to enhance access and connectivity in Downtown New Carrollton and surrounding communities. The site visit included the following stops: 

  • New Carrollton Branch Library, PGCMLS
  • Westbrook Drive and Lamont Drive in the City of New Carrollton
  • Annapolis Road corridor 
  • Future Glenridge Purple Line Station
  • Ardwick Ardmore Industrial Area
  • Garden City
  • New Carrollton Transit Center

The project team met with Council Member Dannielle Glaros (District 3), Council Member Jolene Ivey (District 5), and staff from the City of New Carrollton during the visit to discuss issues, opportunities, and current projects in the study area. 

New Carrollton Site Visit Map

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