Summer Outdoor Pool Operations

The outdoor pools are closed for the season, please visit one of our indoor facilities. Come back to visit us next May of 2023!

Patrons are encouraged to sign up to receive PGPARKS ALERTS/Nixle notifications for the latest updates on the status of pool operations, schedules, emergency closures, etc. To sign up for text and/ or email notices, please visit PGParks Alerts.

The outdoor pools are very popular and tend to reach capacity early in the day/sessions on weekends. To ensure patrons can be admitted to the pools, advanced reservations are encouraged during the weekends. Drop-in/day of admission will still be available up to the pool's operating capacity. Discounted admission fees for the outdoor pools are available for online reservations ONLY. Drop-in/Day-of admission fees are regular price. Make your online reservations for the weekends. Residents can make online reservations up to 10 days in advance and Non-Residents 7 days in advance. Online reservations close at 7 pm the night prior.

Summer Operating Schedule for Outdoor Pools

  • Starting August 27, 2023 the outdoor pools return to a weekend only schedule. Outdoor Pools will be open September 3 – 5 (Labor Day weekend)
  • Monday, September 4, will be the last operating day for the 2023 Summer Season for outdoor pools.

Please contact the indoor pools directly to inquire for additional general swim times and program offerings.

 How to Prepare Before You Come to Swim 

  • If you made a reservation, please arrive at the pool on time for your swim session. 
  • Showers will be available for patron use before/after swim sessions. To further promote a safe environment for all, we ask patrons to minimize their time in the locker rooms and showers. 
  • Lockers will be available at some pool locations.  However, it is recommended that patrons minimize items that you bring to the pools. 
  • Patrons may not bring in their own chairs. Pool furniture will be available for patron use.  
  • Patrons should arrive prepared to swim (i.e. swimwear already on) 
  • Patrons are permitted to bring a change of clothes, towels, water, individual exercise equipment (at staff discretion), and sunscreen. 

What to Expect While at the Pools and Facility 

  • Chemically treated, well-balanced pools ready for your use (based on local/state health department guidelines) 
  • Our facilities will be regularly cleaned and disinfected per the local/state health department and CDC guidelines. 
  • Non-pool users and non-participants are discouraged from entering or remaining in the facility. 
  • Please do not touch other patrons’ belongings or equipment. 
  • Patrons are encouraged to bring their own water and to limit shared use of the facility’s water fountains.
  • Pool furniture will be placed on the deck and grassy areas.  
  • Patrons are encouraged to bring bottled water with them to assist with staying hydrated. 
  • Please have FUN while enjoying the pools! 

What to Expect After You Swim 

  • Please clear the facility of all personal items brought with you to the facility. 
  • We look forward to your return visit to our pools! Please remember to book your next visit via Parks Direct.