Largo Town Center Wayfinding, Branding, and Placemaking Strategy

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On June 24, 2021, a formal request was approved to extend the project boundary. The original project boundary was conterminous with the area of the Approved Largo Town Center Sector Plan. However, the Strategy should not negate the influence of other branding initiatives outside of the sector plan area, including the Health Sciences District – the area of the Central Avenue-Blue Line Corridor – and Central Avenue Connector Trail. The expanded boundary offers opportunities to connect areas outside the sector plan area to Largo under the existing goals for wayfinding, branding, and placemaking. The three areas encompassed by the extended boundary are the Prince George’s County Sports and Learning Complex, FedEx Field, and Morgan Boulevard Metro Station. These three areas are in proximity to Largo and will be immediately impacted by any recommendations from this strategy. The project team will host its second community meeting in early September to discuss the draft strategy. The strategy will be finalized by December 2021.

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