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UPDATE: On October 7, 2021, the Prince George's County Council, Sitting as the Committee of the Whole voted 10-0 to approve CB-103-2021, an ordinance for the purpose of establishing regulations for a Neighborhood Conservation Overlay (NCO) Zone applicable to designated portions of the City of Mount Rainier. 

On October 23, 2018, the Prince George’s County Council adopted a new Zoning Ordinance and new Subdivision Regulations for the County. As part of the implementation of these new laws, a new Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone (NCOZ) is being proposed for those properties in the City of Mount Rainier currently classified in the R-55 (One-Family Detached Residential), R-35 (One-Family Semidetached, and Two-Family Detached, Residential), and R-20 (One-Family Triple-Attached Residential) Zones (see Map tab above).

The purpose of the NCO Zone is to protect and preserve the unique development features and character of established neighborhoods throughout the County, and to promote new development that is compatible with existing neighborhood character. Minimum criteria for the designation of an NCOZ are established in the new Zoning Ordinance; these were addressed in the Mount Rainier neighborhood study that specifies the development context (see the tab above for the Neighborhood Study). The Mount Rainier NCOZ also includes proposed development standards specific to Mount Rainier’s single-family residential neighborhoods that were developed by community members and endorsed by the Mount Rainier City Council (see the Draft Standards tab above). If the Mount Rainier NCOZ is approved as part of the Countywide Map Amendment, the standards will regulate development, redevelopment, and building alterations in the zone.

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