Information Management division

Duties & Responsibilities

The Information Management Division (IMD) identifies, assembles, processes, analyzes and reports statistical and geographic data and other information essential to County planning and land development. The Division's functional responsibilities are managed by three sections: the Data Systems Section, the Network and Technology Services Section, and the Geographic Information Systems Section. This section also manages the Census 2020 outreach efforts.

Data Systems Section

The Data Systems Section is responsible for maintaining the Department's databases, document imaging systems and related software applications. This includes the creation of standard and specialized custom reports and the development of individual project-related software applications, such as the Development Activities Monitoring System (DAMS). The Section is responsible for system administration for the Department's application and document imaging servers and Content Management Systems (document capture, storage and retrieval).

Geographic Information Systems Section

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Section is the central geographic information repository for Prince George's County. The section is responsible for the development, maintenance, and analyses of over 250 GIS layers, including property, zoning, topography, transportation, buildings and environmental features, such as woodland and stream locations. In addition, the section offers a wide range of GIS services and provides customers various user-friendly GIS mapping applications and datasets at no cost to the user.

Network & Technology Services Section

The Network and Technology Services Section is responsible for system administration of hardware and software components of the Department's local and wide area networks. The Section also supports all staff computing needs, including maintenance of over 200 personal computers and accessory devices, such as printers and scanners.

Research Section

The Research Section consists of staff that are responsible for demographic, housing, land use and economic data collection and tabulation. The Section performs data-driven analyses and policy-relevant research for Planning Department leadership and staff, County officials and agencies, businesses, and residents formulating sensible plans and programs for maintaining or enhancing community vibrancy.