Classification & Compensation

The Classification and Compensation Team is responsible for the development, implementation, administration, and maintenance of equitable classification and pay plans for all Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) employees.


The team:
  • Administers the agency's compensation plans
  • Administers a classification system that analyzes and evaluates positions based upon duties, responsibilities, and minimum qualifications. This includes analysis of individual request for reclassification and administration of the Reclassification Certification Program
  • Conducts and participates in salary surveys to determine the M-NCPPC's position relative to the market for classified positions
  • Creates and maintains classification specifications
  • Develops and publishes the Personnel Management Review annually
  • Maintains all salary schedules
  • Maintains forms and documents pertaining to classification and compensation
  • Manages the Apprenticeship Program
  • Manages the Internship Program
  • Reviews and assists departments in reorganizations
  • Updates and maintains the agency's position management system