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The Department of Parks and Recreation’s mission includes protecting the natural environment within the park system. It is our goal to inventory, protect, manage and enhance natural resources on Prince George’s County parklands to provide a healthy and diverse environment for the enjoyment of park patrons and future generations, in addition to a viable habitat for plant life and wildlife.

Our mission is greatly supported by public involvement in stewardship efforts. Individuals and groups can enhance stewardship efforts by participating in the volunteer opportunities.

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BeeKeeper Collective

Watkins Regional Park
301 Watkins Park Dr.
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
301-218-6702; TTY 301-699-2544

M-NCPPC, Department of Parks and Recreation’s Beekeeper Collective is an effort to BUILD A STRONGER MORE SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY FOR BEES, BEE SUPPORTERS, AND BEEKEEPERS.

Watkins Regional Park provides a special area set aside for people who want to establish hives in a beautiful natural and agricultural area. This sunny but sheltered location offers an abundance of trees, wildflowers, and agriculture crops for bees’ nectar and pollen needs. The area also offers secure fencing, a large natural water source, and easy parking, making these plots a beekeeper’s dream apiary out yard. Meet and learn from seasoned beekeepers and join the local organizations that meet at the park.


  • Plot Size: 25 feet by 25 feet
  • Rental Fee: $30 per plot
  • Located in fenced agricultural area at Watkins Regional Park
  • Natural water source available nearby for bees
  • No potable water is available at beekeeping location

Reservation Requirements

  • Registration begins March 1, 2018.
  • Must have a PARKS DIRECT account and be a Prince George's or Montgomery County resident age 21 or older.
  • Reservations may be made in-person at Watkins Nature Center at 301-218-6702. 
  • A rental agreement must be signed. If reserving by phone, you will need access to a computer to receive our rental agreement via email. Signatures are electronic and require no printing.
  • The full rental fee must be paid at the time of reservation. Cash, credit, and checks are accepted.
For more information, please call Watkins Nature Center at 301-218-6702.