Countywide Wayfinding Study

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On November 10th, the Placemaking Section of the Prince George’s County Planning Department hosted the first stakeholder workshop for the Countywide Wayfinding Study to discuss wayfinding in the County.  The goal was to understand the challenges when planning and implementing wayfinding, discuss the main difficulties and how they can be improved, and identify ways to streamline the process.   Participants included representatives from agencies that regulate wayfinding (i.e. Department of Public Works & Transportation, State Highway Administration), community associations, municipalities, interests groups, and County staff.  The consultant team presented their findings from research of existing conditions and used Miro to engage participants with series of interactive exercises.  Please review the minutes of the workshop and presentation for more information. 

The consultant team’s next task is to develop the draft case study and analyze the roles of the different jurisdictions, which is scheduled to last until early February 2021.

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