1. Main Gallery


If These Quilts Could Talk

Monday, August 13–Friday, October 5, 2018             
Public Reception: Saturday, August 18, 3–5 pm

The members of Wee Bee Quilters, formed in November 2003, share their creative spirit and sewing and quilting skills in a playful and positive atmosphere. The Bee is a gathering place where new and seasoned quilters teach and learn new techniques and share their expertise with other quilters. This exhibition features quilts by members Alicia Moyer, Carolyn Burgess, CC Flowe, Charlene Marshall, Felicia Few, Gwendolyn Hunt, Gwendolyn Jackson, Linda Mckenzie, Lynora Williams, Marlene Clark, Sandra Ealy, Shirley Hodge, Sondra Hassan, and Valerie Crawford.


Annual Prince George’s County Artists Juried Exhibition

Monday, October 29-Saturday, December 29, 2018
Public Reception: Saturday, November 10, 3–5 pm

Drawing on the vast core of visual artists who live, work, or maintain their studios in Prince George’s County, this annual exhibition offers the opportunity for our artists to showcase their talents and skills to the citizens throughout Prince George’s County.


Contemplating Our Waters: Nicole Salimbene

Monday, March 25-Saturday, May 18, 2019
Public Reception: Saturday, March 30, 3–5 pm

Nicole Salimbene is an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of poetics, psychology, environmentalism, and contemplative practice. Her work strives to glean elegance and monumentality out of the ordinary and ephemeral. Through form and idea, she searches for the poetics of materiality and relationship and the transformation that arises from wrestling with internal and external worlds. From this, Salimbene seeks to provide interactive engagements as a way for viewers to embody the metaphors presented for reflection.